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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 3, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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3rd, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for checking in and trusting us for your news and information. prime time lineup is coming up next. hope had you a great labor day. see you at the democratic national convention. the o'reilly factor >> dana: hello. happy labor day. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so the post convention polls are in and we know what you thought about the republican national convention last week. we're going to get to that in a moment but first let's hear what president obama had to say about it. >> we saw three straight days of an agenda out of the last century. it was a rerun. he might as well watched it on black and white tv.
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with some rabbit ears on there. should have been on "nick at night." >> dana: i was watching nick at night, a great network. last week, jay carney, the white house spokesman said the president didn't have time to watch the republican convention. it feels to me they had written this speech for him in ohio before they even saw it, the rnc. >> greg: get to the truth of the matter, how racist that commentary was. black and white this that is a dog whistle. mef and chris matthews knows what that means. bring up rerun from what is happening? the poor guy is not alive to defend himself. here is the deal. i predicted this last week that the democrats would say that romney and the republicans are out of step, old-fashioned. as though fidelity and prudence and discipline are things that don't exist or matter anymore. if the republican idea are
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old, imagine how old the liberal ideas are? they're cobwebs wear depends. they're recycling the same crap over and over again and they don't work so conservatives have to follow through and clean up the messes. >> dana: i thought the convention looked quite different. maybe not so much in the crowd and the number of delegates but certainly in the speakers. it was not the same republican party of the past 20 years. >> andrea: it wasn't. i was offended on behalf of rabbits. >> greg: i agree. >> andrea: i agree. typically the democrat goes after republicans being the party of old white guys but not anymore. they use the governors effectively. went just what are we going to do, but the governors got up there, mcdonald christie and said look what we have already done. romney can do it, too. if i were democrats i'd be nervous that they would fill stadium. reports they will have
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trouble -- >> dana: they were busing in people today from south carolina. imagine if republicans were busing people in from the villages. that would have been fun. >> greg: bob would have been hitting on them. 'canes the thing about the convention, i want your take, kimberly, on this, is that according to one poll, rasmussen poll there was a bounce out of the convention. the gallup poll was bounce of a dead cat. not big at all. >> kimberly: how do you know about that? >> dana: i grew up on a ranch. they were not the favored animal. why might this be different from previous years? >> the bounce for romney was the lowest since 1984. >> dana: what happened this year? >> that was the bounce that i was involved with. >> bounce out of the country.
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>> bob: negative 54. you mentioned the social media. not that much coverage of the thing. the bench that the republican showed was good. all and all, bust at the convention. part of this -- just in sense that people, 8 million people watched it. that is something to do with it. the only movement romney got is poom for other candidate, not the democrats. on balance, face it. romney's strength not giving a stand up speech. >> dana: i don't think it was expected of him. michael barrone a respected political commentator and somebody that one of our colleagues at fox said he did what he had to do, which was say i'm not the evil guy they painted me out to be. he wasn't expected to give a great speech, he did no harm. net plus. you were there. >> kimberly: literally on the floor scratching my way to
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watch him. i thought it was great. i love the energy on the floor. i saw a lot of enthusiasm. to me it was different from the last convention. there was enthusiasm. what do you expect from mitt romney? wouldn't be satisfied unless he comes up with a cure for cancer overnight. manage the expectation. he did a great job. delivered a good speech. personal anecdotes he was able to convey. he mentioned specifics about what he would do. >> dana: i watched friday when you said what was missing from the speech is more specifics about getting in the details. the next morning, "wall street journal" editorial board might have been listening to you. that was their take as well. you did the thing as nice guy, acceptable as president. but now we need specifics why you're different from president obama policy wise. >> andrea: he listen too much to pundits who kept saying tell white house you
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are, humanize yourself, tell stories. that is great but if the economy is the number one issue, and is it, you're a fixer tell us how you will do it. that's what people were looking for. in 2000, george bush convention was earlier in the summer, seven days long. it wasn't -- >> dana: i would never make it. >> he didn't deal with a hurricane like romney had to deal with. after the convention, both parties get a small bounce. february the bounce was bigger it will be a wash for both parties. >> greg: can i jump in about the bounce, please? >> dana: yes. >> greg: isn't this bad news for obama if there is no bounce and romney is still up four in some polls that is not good either, right? >> bob: it isn't. but up in one poll, by four. >> greg: only one i read. >> bob: i'm sure it was. within the margin of error but gallup has a long history of tracking these things and that is probably the more reliable
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poll. fair to say that romney needed, did not make the sale complete. the "wall street journal" made the point and they're right. if you say all the things are wrong like you heard at the convention you have to say how you will deal with it. >> dana: i want to ask something about the 8 million viewers that watched in 2012 than in 2008. don't you think going in this week people are going back to school -- maybe this is a great week for democrats. i don't know if i would use that metrics because if 8 million fewer watching republicans how many fewer will it be for democrats in >> greg: same people that dropped out of the workforce. where are they? it could be a number of things, what everybody said how people are digesting their information. or it could be that people kind of have already made up their minds. or it could be that nobody likes politicians anymore.
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i don't watch tonys because i hate musicals. >> dana: that is where you and i differ. >> greg: i don't know why you like musicals. >> dana: one reason people don't like watching politics because it gets nationy. look at what the obama campaign spokesperson stephanie cutter said yesterday morning. >> it was a week of personal attacks. empty platitudes. one thing you were left with is they think that lying is a virtue. the american people disagree with that. >> the campaign is built on tripod of lies. i don't think we have seen a presidential campaign ever built on a foundation of absolute lies. they will pay a price for that. >> dana: i heard that and thought that's interesting talking about lying when it comes two weeks ago we talked about the soptic ad caught red-handed. >> kimberly: be honest, they lied or call it a loose relationship with the truth. real loose.
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it sounds hypocritical. say whatever it takes to make the campaign to make herself look good. >> dana: does that work to say -- i can understand disagreeing on the policy or saying i don't think you would be a good president if you're democrats apt campaign against romney. but to say they are liars, like where do you go from there? >> bob: tough statement to make. the fact is that paul ryan for example did misstate the truth several times. >> kimberly: did not. >> bob: yeah, he did. he said the thing about the g.m. plant. we know they decided to close it in the fall of 2008. didn't close until obama's administration. >> dana: did he or not say that this plant will be around for 100 years. >> bob: they debunked that quote. >> greg: ryan was talking about the promise, not the date. >> bob: okay. we'll have to argue that. >> greg: that is the problem with this. >> dana: that is why this argument they lied doesn't work. wait, no.
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this is what he said. it's all muddled. in the meantime, wait, so does president obama have a plan? if they complain that romney didn't detail a plan. what is obama? >> kimberly: spending. >> andrea: they said the republicans made it about personal attacks. i watched every speech. there was not one personal attack. they took the high road. that is a criticism that a lot of republicans have of romney. he won't go negative and won't get nasty. he did not give any personal attacks. for her to get up there, the woman who accused romney being a felon after -- excuse me after harry reid questioned his taxes. this has been a campaign of hearsay. pure projection by the democrats. >> bob: it is true that romney did not do personal attacks at all but a lot of the rest did. we're if labor day now. probably only people working. this is the first time i remember you have the
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candidate not 50% of the polls. it shows you, if you look at this, neither one of them moved much beyond 46-47. it sits there. >> kimberly: will it be voter apathy whenes time -- >> bob: it will be. democrats worry about that from a turn-out standpoint, enthusiasm gap. but they are far better organized than the romney campaign. keep in mind that the red states are voting in much larger numbers for romney than blue states are for obama. the national polls get skewed. the other thing i said last week, and i believe it now is north carolina is gone. i don't think we can get the democrats to win it. we lose indiana, we won last time. romney has to win ohio, virginia and florida. >> dana: where do you think those will be? we have to run. >> bob: i don't think he wins all three. >> dana: all right. we'll keep on top of it all week. >> greg: no, we're not. >> dana: yes, we are. you are going to stay on top of it. coming up, the dnc kicks off tomorrow with rallying cry for
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four more years but has president obama earned another term? surrogates are not so sure. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: all right, the democratic national convention kicks off tomorrow and president obama makes his case to the american people on
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thursday. here is what you can expect. >> on thursday night, i'll offer what i believe is a better path forward, a path to grow the economy and create more good jobs and strengthen the middle class. >> kimberly: but just after he was inaugurated in february of 2009, the president said this. >> one nice thing about the situation i find myself in, is i will be held accountable. if i don't have this done in three years then this will be a one-term proposition. >> kimberly: remember that? president surrogates had a tough time answering the question whether americans are better off than they were four years ago. >> yes or no, are americans better off today than four years ago? i think everybody understands we were this close to a great depression because of the leadership of this president, we staveed that off -- >> a year ago the president told me i don'tthe the americans are better off than four years ago and you still can't say yes.
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>> we have improved from the depth of recession. is the average recession better off than four years ago? >> if the average american recognizes it took years to create the crisis that erupted in 2008. peaked in january of 2009, and it will take time to work through it. >> can you honestly say you are better off today than four years ago? >> no but that is not the question of the election. >> are we better off today than four years ago? >> absolutely. >> dana: that was the best answer. i was just sitting here watching these things saying why don't they do what stephanie cutter did and say absolutely? they say everything else. absolutely. the question, the bigger question for americans today is if you don't blame president obama for the current situation, if you say he inherited a bad situation, tried his best, not his fault. the question really now should be but would you be better off with another four years of the
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same president? i think they can make a case and romney people can make a case. i would have answered it like she did. >> greg: only people better off in four years are forest lawn. cemetery. they will vote democrat. i have to defend obama on this a little bit in the sense that things are worse but it's not all his fault. but that is irrelevant. when you are the boss, it doesn't always have to be your fault when you take responsibility. >> kimberly: you get blamed. >> greg: everybody who has been a boss knows when the numbers are bad you have to go. >> bob: i don't understand at all why people answer questions the way they did. >> kimberly: what would you say? >> bob: absolutely, positively without question. we have had 30 straight months of job growth. it was true for the first three or four months after obama took office we are bleeding jobs at 700,000 a month. i remember when ronald reagan said give my plan a chance to work. and it did finally work. in this case, obama plan
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didn't kick in until may. from that point forward we have had job growth, stimulus, which will prove to be a saving from a depression. i think people are much better off. other things are down but overall, people are better off. >> kimberly: they sound nervous. >> bob: are you talking to anybody out -- >> greg: are you talking to anybody out there? >> it sounds like they don't believe it's better off. when campaign staffers are not drinking the juice, that is a problem. when you have surrogate off the same song sheet, that is sipe of extremely disorganized week and campaign. i will point out, ten hours after president obama gives his speech, at the democratic national convention the new job numbers come out. no matter what he says with the new jobs plan.
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>> dana: net people work today. 23 million people out of work. gas prices hit a high and they usually go up over labor day feeling but that is what people are feeling. >> kimberly: we have a full screen to paint the picture of what is going on. if you look at january 20, 2009. look at the numbers now for unemployment. median income. gasoline. and the national debt now at $15.9 trillion. >> greg: if you are at a casino and playing black jack two things happen. you are dealt a bad hand or you will play badly. when a dealer gets black jack, it's not necessarily your fault. he has a bad hand but playing it badly. he has to -- >> dana: he's like hit me. more government spending. >> andrea: they say the republicans don't have a new idea. they haven't had a new idea since 1932. when he comes out -- can i finish, please? when he comes out with these ideas, i'm going to question
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why didn't he come out with the idea four years ago? why now? >> bob: excuse me? democrats haven't had a new idea since 1932? >> andrea: it's true. >> bob: social security, medicare, nasa. >> andrea: tax, spend, tax, spend. >> bob: they have had plenty of new ideas. social security, medicare, medicaid, nasa, going to the moon, a few things like that were ideas. >> andrea: democrats have raided the -- >> bob: you said they had no new ideas. you may not like the ideas but they have had plenty of ideas. >> andrea: they are going bankrupt. >> greg: the larger problem is the continuing depending on extenting unemployment benefits when you know it expends unemployment. old idea that gets older that no one will let go of. >> kimberly: the problem for obama is the poll we had up. four sources compiled these documents. these are solid numbers. they are indefensible. i don't know what he will do. hear from bob later about how
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he will change the record. >> bob: if you take it from may. you blaming him for everything that happened on january 21 forward. i think you to say that there was a lag here. >> dana: then the question should be do you think you would be better off in another four years, four years from now? >> bob: check data thon but i think when asked the question -- i'll talk about this tomorrow but i think the majority of american people think they are better off. >> andrea: why didn't they go with the halfway there message. clint eastwood, halftime in america, why campaign didn't stick with, that halfway there i'll never know. >> bob: what barack obama has to do if he does nothing else, do mea culpa, not easy for him to do. he has to say we didn't do as much as i hoped we'd do. he said that to the cbs person, i didn't tell the story right or do this. he needs mea culpa. >> greg: he puts the "me" in
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mea culpa. delane is no "i" -- >> dana: there is no "i" in mea culpa. >> kimberly: up next, should you trust what the main stream media tells you about the democratic convention this week? absolutely not. george stephanopoulos swears there isn't a bias but even his colleagues disagree with that assessment. you hear from george when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." media research center caught up with george stephanopoulos at the rnc and asked him if he believes there is a bias in the media. here is what happened. >> bias in the media, i don't. who are you? >> media research center. you don't believe there is a liberal media bias? >> take care now. >> andrea: even his colleague jake tapper admitted the media wasn't fair in 2008. >> i have said before that i, you know, i said that i
11:28 pm
thought the media helped tip the scales. i didn't think the coverage was fair to hillary clinton or john mccain. sometimes i felt like with the story selection and the other decisions, magazine covers. campaign coverage, it wasn't the fairest coverage. >> andrea: even if stephanopoulos is right, americans rate media low on the totem poll. looking at the coverage from the convention, brokaw is supposed to be straight down the middle said romney is looking backwards and williams said they depicted republicans as narrow minded. is stephanopoulos right? >> greg: to quote famous dead white male whose name i can't remember asking stephanopoulos about media bias is asking him to take out his eyes to see what color they are. it's like the customer in the
11:29 pm
palmolive commercial. he has no idea he is soaking in it. he has no idea. the scariest thing is he believes it and that makes him the 2012 walter durante award winner. how does he think he got his job? good looks? he has sex appeal of a -- you know what? you can't say anything about height. >> dana: it's moreut you than about me. >> greg: i know that. >> kimberly: listen, you're both short. move on. there are headlines that may show media is wising up. look. "l.a. times." obama faces deep division. and huffington post barack obama promised new kind of politics but played the same game. you and i were scanning other -- >> dana: those aren't great if you are a campaign. shoot. if those would have been about
11:30 pm
bush it would have been worse. it would have been bush destroys republican party. that was the type of thing. george stephanopoulos, i don't think these and other reporters need to defend the media. if i were george i would have said i try my best to be fair. we got ready to do the sunday show. i think the sunday shows are fair. on october, 20 it will be obama is off to the races and obama will win and they will try to help him. >> couldn't there be another issue? not profit to believe be arm of the dnc? tina brown at newsweek says i can't carry his water. tell it like it is. things aren't good. >> kimberly: they need to try a different approach
11:31 pm
because it affects their bottom line as well. they came to my blackberry and i'm like listen to this. what do you expect for the dnc? look at the coverage coming out now. >> greg: it was rude you did that at dinner. >> kimberly: it was. i agree they will get in step. when the time comes before the election, crumping time, they won't hit him -- crunch time, they won't hit him hard. they don't have it in them. >> andrea: one member of the media joe klein at "time" magazine has an interesting media strategy for the president and he questioned why the president doesn't play the race card. listen. >> four years of covering barack obama he does not play the race card. he does not do that. >> he hates it. he probably should. he probably should address it because the bitterness out there is becoming marked. >> andrea: playing the race card will help with the bitte
11:32 pm
bitterness? >> bob: the worst idea i heard. there were comments made last week about the democrats using code word at the convention. i'm sensitive to the race code word and i didn't hear any. the idea of bringing up race is a terrible idea. there is no question that in 2008, the press was, the campaign was favor to believe obama. press since then has been abysmal. that is probably the wrong word. abysmal. this is not a guy enjoyed good press. i don't know where you get that from. you can say the "wall street journal" but they are against obama no matter what he does. some of the rest of the newspapers, the "washington post" has been brutal on it. >> greg: i want to focus on joe klein hecht makes highlights seem shakespearean. the beneficiary of media liberal bias for the last decade. the only way he sees relevant is to bring up this crap this
11:33 pm
which is why he is as irrelevant as leder suit. >> dana: shouldn't he meant that obama should come out and heal and bring people together? playing the racecard in a different way? >> bob: if he said it that way -- >> dana: that is why he needs a press secretary. >> andrea: he doesn't have to. if you listen to chris matthews who should be on the payroll he suggested that ryan speech was directed directly at racists. >> what kind of like weird bizarre planet is he on? >> dana: he said i wish i could hear what the older white males seem to hear in speeches -- >> greg: are you saying black people have poor hearing? >> dana: quoting mr. murdoch. >> bob: he may have had the worst week of anybody last week. the fact that the republican
11:34 pm
party and mr. ryan are way right, particularly ryan -- >> andrea: that is going to backfire. coming up, if they try to play the race card it will. evaeva longoria is supporter of president obama and she will have a prominent role this week at the convention. but should she? we'll debate ahead. ♪ ♪
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colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: i love that! labor day always calls in question the american need for work. in my view, the human capacity for effort is elastic. the more work there is, the more work you will do.
11:39 pm
but it's a curse, because once you stretch that work container to deadministration, it's depressing. it's why on vacation i'm such a wreck and why i don't get france either. the national bird is the mime. creature that doesn't do but only pretends to. now not all yanks are alike. huffington post has a nap room. i guess hauling someone else's blog out of the mine must be taxing. the other day three columbia grads died from paper cut. america is facing work deflation on a mass scale. we're nothing without productivity. my definition of work is broader. being a muslim or dad i -- beind is work. relationships are really hard work. harder for men because women are way, way better at it. ask my wife. actually don't. but america has to get back to work. that dream of a smaller state with revised i.e. lowered expectations, only make sense
11:40 pm
to those who think america's greatness comes at the extent of others. to them, every time america succeeds somewhere a mime cries. but it's killing us for there is a hole inside you that must be filled daily. it's not a stomach. it's a soul. it's shovel ready. the folks in d.c. don't have to provide the dirt. just get the hell out of our hole. but we don't have to end up late or rather too late for work. you okay, there? >> kimberly: that was weird. >> dana: what did you just say? >> kimberly: that was a weird one. the ending. the other part is good. >> greg: do i have to explain metaphor? everybody when they get up in the morning has to fill a hole. that is called work. when government gets in to that hole you can't fill it. you have to get the government out of your hole. now i see why this was a mistake. >> kimberly: tortured metaphor. guest this is the worst metaphor i have come up with. look at you. >> dana: all i heard was "get out of my hole." >> greg: get out of my hole, mr. president. get out of my hole.
11:41 pm
this is a metaphor! let's try to salvage this mess. >> dana: bob, aren't you laughing? >> bob: i'm absorbing. >> greg: we are as a people miserable without work. you were sick a couple of weeks ago and you still showed up here, sick as a dog and worked. why is that? why do we need to work? >> bob: a lot of people believe, i happen to believe if you don't work you die. if you look at the number of people who retire, how soon after that, they die. it's scary. i think most people -- first, what are you going to do if you don't work? go to the beach? i mean it's -- wait for the ladies in front of you to clear a tee? >> kimberly: that is what you do. >> bob: i don't do it anymore. americans have a tendency to want to work. when you don't work, again, what the hell are you going to do unless you want to do illegal drugs. >> dana: it's the way to get ahead. you learn that early on that you want to make sure you have
11:42 pm
enough for your retirement, enough for kids. only way to do that is if you work unless you live somewhere else. >> greg: when you were 14 or 13 you used to help troubled lemonad even stands and liquidate them and fire everybody. >> dana: part of the junior bain capital internship program. it taught me a lot. here i am today. >> greg: andrea, do we work too much -- compared to france, we work on average 200 hours longer than the french. are they happier than we are? french bread. >> andrea: maybe. maybe. they drink a lot of wine. i guess they have a better quality of life they think. i don't. i lived there and it was you have to get anything done with people only work pag hours a week. >> kimberly: i thought you liked it there. >> andrea: i loveed it. it wasn't working. i was drinking wine every day. i think it's a good thing we work here. look at greece for example. all they do is created democracy. astrology and the other stuff and dance and smoke cigarettes
11:43 pm
for the next couple thousan thousands -- >> greg: did you say astronomy or astrology? women confuse the two. >> kimberly: no, we don't. >> greg: you do. >> dana: they are related. >> greg: you thought virgo was an astronaut. i went to bodega today and asked why they were open and they said they're open all the time, this hours. they had no idea it was labor day. >> kimberly: what is the point of labor day unless you're laboring. be honest. >> bob: especially the cops don't work 24 hours -- even the cops don't work 24 hours. >> dana: one of the reason that the red states are solid, in america ranching and farming community you're independent business owners and you eat what you kill. if a cow decides she is going to have the calf in 2:00 a.m. on middle of february on saturday you don't have a choice. you help her. >> greg: did you eat what you killed? >> dana: i had butterflies this afternoon. >> greg: there was that drifter in '88.
11:44 pm
i'll be hearing from people later. coming up next, eastwood's surprise appearance sent people to a frenzy. we have the list from the dnc. i hope for scott wolf from "party of five." i wonder what he is up to. >> kimberly: matthew fox. >> greg: we know where he is. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: if anybody wonders what greg meant about get out of my hole, send him a twitter and let him know. eva longoria and ashley judd are some of the stars set to be at the dnc this week. there is always the possibility of surprised guest like clint eastwood. that was a good idea at the republican national committee to make an appearance. some people are -- [ laughter ] >> andrea: brilliant. >> bob: i love you, baby. c'mon! of course maybe she and eastwood should get together and have a conversation. there are reports this convention could be less star-studded than 2008. is this a calculated move on part of the president's campaign? it's always calculated. everything about it is calculated. >> dana: do you think george clooney wasn't available? >> bob: i'm sure he wasn't available. >> dana: i think betty white, i don't think for her it would be a good move. she doesn't need to do it. but she is the most popular and well-liked woman in america.
11:49 pm
she is the most sought after guest on the late night shows. everyone loves her. i think it would be huge for them if the democrats got that one. >> greg: i am amazed how hollywood will find an issue, say it's fracking. every celebrity will have that information on fracking with them. like they all use the same drug dealer who supplies them with 8-ball and talking points at the same time. every single person, i guarantee you, every celebrity will bring up fracking. >> andrea: another issue they keep trying to drill holes, right? >> greg: get out of my hole. get the frac out of my hole. >> bob: that is too close to what i normally say. celebrities don't matter much except to raise money. i don't -- >> dana: do you think oprah matters? >> bob: yes. that mattered in her being the first time she campaigned. that mattered, yes. in 2008, obama enjoyed, you know, a wide scope of people.
11:50 pm
including somebody like oprah who came out for the first time and did something for him. i don't think you expect to see it this time. >> kimberly: now hot cheeks. great. really? we knew that. this list is not good of who they have participating. they are having to bus people in. sounds like a bust. >> dana: james taylor. >> kimberly: the one exception to ruin my point. >> bob: is anybody really going to vote one way or another who shows up at convention? i thought clint eastwood was bad and a lot thought he was good. i don't think it mattered. >> andrea: celebrities have always been in his corner. i have been talking to a woman who does our hair here and she brought up a point. obama did use certain pop stars and rappers and others to galvanize the youth vote and african-american communities. i think that was an excellent point. >> greg: betty white to get the elderly. >> kimberly: vosh say that?
11:51 pm
>> andrea: she did. oprah did make a little difference. typically, i'm consistent when i say i don't think the celebrities do anything. they get earned media but it's not the earned media -- >> bob: the way you said that, the celebrities don't make a difference. our hair dresser back here was saying -- i never had a hair dresser. >> andrea: so what? >> bob: i am making a point i never had hair dressers before. fairly obvious. but when you start talking about all the celebrity stuff, even tv people, movie people, rest of it, does it really matter? that is my point. >> dana: i think eastwood made a difference for the republican convention. >> bob: you do? >> dana: because what was everybody talking about all weekend? clint eastwood. >> greg: empty chair. >> dana: they had empty chair day on twitter. send in empty chair photograph. >> greg: it's a highchair for you. >> dana: for you a lazy-boy. >> andrea: this would make me nervous if i was the campaign because they talk
11:52 pm
about clint eastwood and not mitt romney and empty chair. >> bob: that is exactly right. exactly right. >> andrea: not the economic messages he didn't deliver. >> kimberly: republicans were interesting for a few minutes. >> dana: it was unscripted. i mentioned to bob earlier there were three different people on saturday at different times, very different walks of life. all told me didn't you love clint eastwood? we watched it from the embassy suite bar. >> greg: i don't remember any of it. >> bob: did you love what mitt romney had to say? >> dana: i don't think it mattered because romney did enough of what he had to do. everyone is like if this was pass/fail. he passed. love eastwood. moving on can we watch football now? >> kimberly: he was good. c'mon. >> bob: that's great. one more thing -- >> kimberly: i hate that. >> bob: is next. ♪ ♪ woman: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment.
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>> dana: time for one more thing. >> bob: new vote that 20% of voters in new jersey have tattoos, which is interesting. the only other thing i'd say is i changed my prediction. barack obama will win the presidency. not by much but he will win the presidency. >> dana: wait. 20% of voters having tattoos, does that tell you something about the demographic? >> bob: i don't know. i don't watch "jersey shore." >> andrea: why do you hate new jersey so much? >> bob: i don't hate new jersey. >> andrea: you always rip on new jersey. >> dana: you need a new state to kick around. >> andrea: in familiar i saw back tat and ink myself. >> greg: dana perino has a tattoo. it's of dana perino. >> dana: speaking of that, why don't you go next.
11:57 pm
>> greg: a viewer of this lovely show whose name i can't remember because i have a terrible memory sent me in a really good banned phrase. here it is. a lot of people say he has the laundry list of issues. laundry list of complaints. no one perhaps except maybe andrea has a lan laundry list. there is no such thing as laundry list. >> bob: i had to do my laundry for the first time because the people were off downstairs and i put my laundry in the drier. >> dana: oh! before you washed it? >> greg: before you washed it? >> bob: i didn't know. i put it in. >> dana: they're warm and smelly. >> bob: terrible. >> dana: amazing moment that charles krauthammer told me loved the banned phrase. he even gave you a couple ideas. >> greg: he gave me at this point in time. that's redundant. point in time is redundant. >> dana: "in terms of" also and i found myself saying all weekend. go to andrea.
11:58 pm
>> andrea: so, there is a story out in the "new yorker" by brian lia. that he tells an anecdote relayed to him by the late tim russert where he said according to the sources bill clinton is an effort to secure endorse fire department hillary from ted kennedy, she said to kennedy a few years ago this guy would have been carrying our bags. so again, this is something clinton supposedly said to ted kennedy when he was trying towood kennedy for his wife's endorsement. pretty interesting stuff. again no, love lost between the two of them. i can't wait for hurricane bill to arrive. >> greg: what do you think clinton was referring to talking about bags in bag? >> bob: you have to be careful for quotes from people who are dead. it find that hard to imagine. >> greg: good point. >> kimberly: one of my favorite movies being a lawyer and having dealt with the death penalty cases is "green
11:59 pm
mile." we learned that michael clark duncan at the age of 54 passed away. he suffered a heart attack in july. had been in intensive care. great actor. he was also an n "armageddon" and "kung fu panda." my little boy loved him in that. an >> dana: we will miss him. >> kimberly: very sad. >> dana: on a lighter note, two people who never -- i don't think they thought they would be having this much fun together. karl rove who ran george bush's campaign and joe trippi who ran howard dean's campaign today on "fox and friends" had to have a race on the segways in charlotte, north carolina. >> in to charlotte. they were -- >> dana: you have to say, karl is good on that thing. but joe trippi won. but who won in 2000. 2000? that is the real question. would you race greg on a segway? >> bob: no. >> dana: i would. >> greg: can we talk about


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